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Top 10 Best Food Scale Reviews in 2016



A food scale is a multi-purpose equipment that has several benefits. It is a great addition to one’s home and can help the user in not just cooking well but also eating well. Ever since the kitchen scales came into the market, there have been different kinds of scales like digital and analog. Analog scales are a little old model and have lost relevance in today’s digital market but they are still useful in some professional settings like restaurants and for chefs. The digital scales, however, are extremely useful because they are accurate and very easy to use. The minimum amount of weight that most food scales these days measure is around half a pound.


Most of the kitchen or food scales available in the market today come with a lot of features and one should be conscious of all the options available before making a purchase. The TARE option, for example, is a feature in food scales that simplifies the using of a container as it includes the weight of the container when making a measurement. That helps the user in getting the most accurate weights.


Another thing one must be consider while buying a food scale is whether it is equipped with the option of conversion. They can convert the units of measurements which makes it easy for the user whether they are used to the metric system or not. It is also important to make sure that you buy a good quality food scale which is durable and from a brand that is reliable. Going for a low priced device can seem attractive in the present but such scales do not last a long time so it is better to make a good investment in the beginning itself. Food scales are very useful for even those who are conscious of their health and want to eat mindfully.

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1. Inspired Basics Digital Kitchen Scale Slim Design Food Scale Easy to Clean Glass Surface 15 Lbs


This inspired basics Digital kitchen scale is a truly inspired piece of equipment. The design is simple yet elegant. The uniformity of material all through the equipment gives it an edge over its counterparts and makes it a very charming old school kind of food scale. The measurements are very accurate and the backlit display makes sure that you can actually see the weights properly. This product comes with a one year warranty and the brand is quite reliable too. Since the design of this food scale is so simple, it is easy to clean and can be used to measure almost everything in the kitchen. Overall, a good buy for anyone looking for a durable food scale.


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